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Gitea Cheat Sheet

Gitea selinux module for Fedora 29

This assumes that Gitea runs as user git and is installed in /home/git/gitea and the repositories are also located in /home/git. This shall also be the case for the remainder of this document.

I've created a selinux module for Gitea which will work for small installations (tested with SQlite3 and without PAM), just upload it to the box (source included) and run as root:

fc29-gitea-selinux.tar.bz2 (v1.1: Now allows Gitea to send e-mails)

tar -zxvf fc29-gitea-selinux.tar.bz2
semodule -i fc29-gitea.pp

Build Gitea master branch on Fedora 29

As root, install golang and make:

dnf install golang-bin make -y

If user “git” doesn't exist, add the user to the system:

useradd -m git

Become user git and setup GOPATH environment:

su - git
echo "export GOPATH=$HOME/go" >> $HOME/.bash_profile
su - git

Download gitea master branch and all required packages:

go get -d
cd "$GOPATH/src/"

Edit /home/git/go/src/ and remove -i flag from “GOFLAGS := -v” so that it reads:


Make sure that go-bindata can be found:

mkdir $HOME/bin ; cd $HOME/bin
ln -s /home/git/go/bin/go-bindata go-bindata


cd $HOME/go/src/
TAGS="bindata sqlite sqlite_unlock_notify" make generate build

Et voila, the binary can be found in:

$ ls -al /home/git/go/src/
-rwxrwxr-x. 1 git git 54773448  7. Apr 02:18 /home/git/go/src/

Copy binary:

mkdir /home/git/gitea
cp -a /home/git/go/src/ /home/git/gitea

As user git, run gitea for the first time:

cd /home/git/gitea
./gitea web

Press CTRL + C to stop gitea.
Did gitea start? Delete the source and its dependencies (this will delete about 500mb in files) and logout:

cd $HOME
rm -rf go
rm -rf .cache/go-build

As root, remove golang:

dnf history undo last

Gitea systemd service

As root user, create file /etc/systemd/system/gitea.service with the following contents:

#After=mariadb.service mysqld.service postgresql.service memcached.service redis.service

# Modify these two values and uncomment them if you have
# repos with lots of files and get an HTTP error 500 because
# of that
ExecStart=/home/git/gitea/gitea web
Environment=USER=git HOME=/home/git

# Some distributions may not support these hardening directives. If you cannot start the service due
# to an unknown option, comment out the ones not supported by your version of systemd.


Enable and start service (make sure the gitea selinux module is installed first):

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable gitea
systemctl start gitea


Configuration file app.ini is located in /home/git/gitea/custom/conf

Config Cheat Sheet:
Customizing Gitea:

Problems when uploading release attachments?

Having issues with uploads of attachments e.g. when uploading a zip file to a release? See ALLOWED_TYPES configuration option at This worked for me in app.ini:


There is still an open issue when uploading a release attachment fails for mirror repositories.
See for more information.

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