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Using cursor keys to tab-complete through BASH history

In modern bash shells, it is possible to hit CTRL+R, enter a keyword and do a reverse search for commands that were last used. This will search all previous commands with the keyword, regardless if the command started with this keyword or if that keyword were included at another position of this command. To continue the search, one would hit CTRL+R multiple times.

Full search for the keyword and single-direction CTRL+R search may be undesirable, so I am presenting another solution that will allow you to start entering a command, then use cursor up/down keys to cycle through commands in history. This will only search for commands that started exactly like you typed (it will not do a full search but complete from history).

Create/edit the file $HOME/.inputrc and add the following lines:

"\e[A": history-search-backward
"\e[B": history-search-forward

Now re-login “or su -” for this change to go into effect. Start writing something and hit cursor up or down.

More useful bash history commands

Action Command
Clear line CTRL+A + CTRL+K
Clear before cursor CTRL+U
Clear after cursor CTRL+K
Clear word before cursor Alt+W or CTRL+W
Clear word after cursor Alt+D
Clear character after cursor CTRL+D
Recall deleted command CTRL+Y (then Alt+Y)
Go to beginning of line CTRL+A
Go to end of line CTRL+E
Go back one word CTRL+left
Go forward one word CTRL+right
Clear rest of terminal CTRL+L
Search command in history CTRL+R
End search at current entry CTRL+J
Cancel search & restore line CTRL+G
Next command from history CTRL+N
Previous command from history CTRL+P
Undo CTRL+_

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