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Cann!bal is moving into our own estate

This information is for Cannibals (tenants) only. Please keep this disclosed for now.
To avoid confusion, we will make a public announcement when the time is right.

Status: Region 'Cannibal Island' is open to public.


Cann!bal is moving into the region Cannibal Island located at Cannibal Estate. This could technically be an easy task, but Jessica Chung is simply stubborn and completely inflexible and she gives a shit about loyal customers. She is refusing to transfer the existing region to us. I've offered her 300 bucks for a job that takes 2 minutes to do, but there is no chance she will pull her head out of her own ass. This means we are moving from one server onto another server and this will invalidate all existing landmarks. This also means that all tenants will have to move their stuff.

Moving into our own estate gives us full authority over our assets, better support and many more options in the future to meet all our demands. The new server is also a lot faster than the existing one. I will not be saving any money on tier for the next 3 years, so there is no financial reason for doing this.


  • Saturday, July 10: The new region has been opened to tenants only (Cannibals) to move in.
  • Monday, July 19: Rental Islands tenants must have completed moving or objects will be returned.
  • Wednesday, July 21: Opening to public. Visitors will get redirected from the old region.
  • Monday, July 26: Sky Paradise tenants must have completed moving or objects will be returned.
  • Wednesday, July 28: All regions will be removed from the old server. A redirect hub will remain.

Moving your assets

Tip: Copy your assets over to the new region, don't move them (except nocopy objects of course). We don't want Beach Paradise Island to look empty until July 21st, right? The earlier you begin, the longer you will have a backup in the old region. Should you have forgotten something then you can simply grab it from the old region. Isn't that nice? I'll just return everything when the time has come.

There's already a 1:1 copy of all Cann!bal regions waiting on the new server for you to move in. Starting on July 10th, Rental Islands tenants have one week to complete this task, Sky Paradise tenants have two weeks. All tenants will receive a free week of rental for their trouble!

Moving your assets will be very easy because all your homes are pixel-perfectly on the same spot. This means (using Firestorm) you can simply do the following:

1. “Take Copy” of an object in the old region
2. Teleport to the new region
3. Open your “Recent” tab in inventory
4. Right-click the exact object you took (not an older copy) and “Restore to Last Position

If an item doesn't want to know its world location then you can simply teleport back and copy the position from your still existing original. Then teleport back, rez the object and paste the three position parameters. But in 99% of all cases Restore to Last Position will work. Most tenants should be able to move their assets within an hour.

NEVER do this twice on the same object. You might end up rezzing two objects on top of each other and you would never find out because they look like one. This would not only use double the prims but also create double the lag on the server. If it doesn't work the first time and you neither see the object nor got an error dialog, then the object may have ended up in whatever spot in the region. Contact Chotaire Seelowe if you don't find it.
Don't do this with nocopy objects. They will get irrecoverably lost if they don't know its World Location. I've had this happen to me twice during the move. If you need help moving your assets, please IM Chotaire Seelowe.

Paying your rent

From now on please pay your rent at the new region Cannibal Island. Payments to your rental meters at Beach Paradise Island will not be accepted and refunded.

Tip: Rental meters at 'Cannibal Island' will show the accurate time left on your rental (incl. one extra free week). Rental meters at 'Beach Paradise Island' will show the time you have left to move (or less if you rental expires before that time).

Additional Notes

  • The terraform on Rental Islands has slightly changed because re-import of the terrain data is not absolutely accurate (thanks LL!). So double-check your outdoor objects after moving. I have taken the time to improve the overall terraform for everyone.
  • Accept the '-+ CANN!BAL +-' experience permissions. This will be very helpful in the near future, e.g. for direct teleporting. You will get a permission request when you go to the telehub of the old region.
  • I am not currently able to reproduce the glitch that allowed Sky Paradise tenants to be invisible for visitors downstairs. Seriously, do you really care so much? I will keep you updated on this. The positive effect is that this server seems to be very bugfree in general (there are also no issues with Copters having flabby coconut guns or people briefly becoming a cloud when flying up 120m etc.)


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