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Netflix for network operators

Eventhough you pay for your account, Netflix still doesn't like all of you. If you are unlucky enough to use an IP address which Netflix believes to be in a datacenter hosting range they'll lock you out.

So what you need to do is use policy based routing and NAT to route all traffic from your Netflix viewing device destined to both Netflix and Amazon AWS via a consumer internet connection or any other endpoint that is not blacklisted by Netflix, so that your connections enter the Internet masqueraded with a tolerated IP address. This is a task that I will leave up to you and for which I provide zero support. It will also require you to know all IP ranges used by both Netflix and their geo-based content hoster AWS. This document will provide this data to you.

Update April 2018: New EU regulations demand that European Netflix subscribers - should they travel or work in another EU country - must be allowed access to their home country specific content.1) Netflix did not remove datacenter IP ranges from their blocks after this new regulation went into effect.

Netflix IPv4 Ranges

Netflix moved all their shit to AWS but Netflix apps are still communicating with their own IP ranges:

AWS IPv4 Ranges

AWS IP Ranges are massive, they own a serious chunk of IP addresses. How to get most recent data on your own:

wget "" -O - | jq -r '.prefixes | .[].ip_prefix' > aws-ipranges.txt

I've sorted this list numerically for you and removed duplicate entries:

IP ranges last Updated: May 13th, 2021

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